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Birds of a Feather

Learn all about birds in this set of four fiction/non fiction paired readers:

Henry's Ghost/Bird Feathers - read about Henry's camping trip when he thinks he sees a ghost, then learn all about bird feathers in the non fiction section.

Mrs. Warren's House/Bird Beaks - Tasha learns about birds and makes a new friend when she helps Mrs. Warren set up a bird feeder. In the non fiction section, read all about bird beaks.

A Present for Granny/Bird Nests - Meg tries to knit a scarf for Granny, but the yarn keeps disappearing. In the nonfiction section, read about different kinds of bird nests.

Two Toes/Bird Feet - Ossie the Ostrich learns what her unusual two-toed feet are good for. In the non fiction section, learn about the different shapes bird feet can take.