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Plant Parts We Eat

Each book in this series focuses on a specific plant part -  Roots, Stems, Leaves, Flowers, Fruits, and Seeds. The function of each plant part is explained, together with delicous examples of familiar vegetables corresponding to that plant part.


Plant Parts We Eat

The Gold Locket

Set at the time of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, eleven-year-old Clara dreams of becoming a famous opera singer.

Birds of a Feather

Learn all about birds in this set of fiction/non fiction paired readers.

Maple Tree Farm

Set in the 1890's, city girl Anna spends the summer at her cousin's Vermont farm in this set of four chapter books.

Caramel Tree Readers

Three titles:
Sweet Bear Family
Maggie Mouse
Shut the Door

If You Were a Parrot

“It's sort of like Kafka's "Metamorphosis," but for kids, and funny... ”
--Roxyanne Young, Smart Writers Journal

“I smile when I think of this book knowing that both the author and the artist have done a wonderful job of hooking a child into the interesting and complicated world of companion parrots.”
--Cheryl Rose, Secretary and Co-Education Director, National Parrot Rescue & Preservation Foundation

Ricky and Buster

Follow the adventures of Ricky and his pet parrot Buster in this set of four beginning chapter books.

Meet Reginald, a lovable but stinky dog in this set of four beginning chapter books.

A Walk in the Woods

Tim and his father go for a walk in the woods. What will they see?