Katherine Rawson

Selected Works

Beginning Readers
A set of fiction/non fiction paired readers
Spend the summer with Anna at her cousins' 1890s farm
Three delicious stories
The adventures of a boy and his parrot
Meet Reginald, a lovable but stinky dog
Picture Book
Just what does a pet parrot do all day?


The following programs are available for school or library visits:

Story Time
Grades PreK-2
Children will learn about the habits of pet parrots, parrot adaptations, and some of the different parrot species as we read and discuss "If You Were a Parrot."
Optional: Make-a-beak craft
30-45 minutes

Creative Writing
Grades 2-3
Children will learn how my fascination with parrots became a book as we read and discuss "If You Were a Parrot." Then they will write their own stories about the animals that fascinate them.
45-60 minutes

I am happy to tailor my program to the specific needs of your class or school. Please contact me to discuss.

Please contact me to discuss rates and availability. Rates are negotiable and very reasonable.

Do you have questions about being a parrot? Shadow would be happy to answer. Visit her at her blog: